Our experienced team can support your project by providing technical support to better understand your asset. We can provide the following services:

Processing and Interpretation

  • Exploration/Development program design and strategy consultation/collaboration
  • Rock physics analysis and geophysical characterization of salient play parameters
  • Processing and/or QC of new and existing data for maximum resolution and optimal signal to noise
  • Interpretation of both structural and stratigraphic plays, including integration of existing geological information and models
  • Reservoir characterization including joint/simultaneous PP/PS inversion, MAT, VVAZ,
    AVAZ and time lapse processing and interpretation
  • Involvement ranges from knowledgeable concurrence and specific consultation/idea exchange to complete program management from acquisition through to final interpretation and post program support

3D Seismic Design

  • 3D Design using Omni Version 15.0
  • Pre-plot Design Analysis
  • Real-time Post-plot Positioning and Fold Analysis

GIS and Mapping

  • Cadastral and Property Pipelines/Roads/Wells
  • Satellite Imagery and Orthoimagery Topographic Features
  • Digital Elevation Models
  • Large Format Mapping/Scanning Map Ortho-Rectifications
  • 2D and 3D Survey Audits